Sell My Car?

  • Free collection from your home or workplace
  • No admin fee
  • Immediate payment before we ask for the keys to your car (NOT 3 or 4 days later!)
  • We can usually beat part-exchange valuations
  • We can usually beat offers from other car buying websites or traditional car dealers
  • All our valuations are carried out by people, NOT by automated computer programs
  • Precise values offered

Welcome to UK Sell My Car - perhaps the greatest way in the UK to sell your car. If you want an honest price with same day payment and collection of your car then click value my car and you will be a few simple steps away from car buyers who will give you the best price for your car based on real market values today.

If you want to  sell a car but it has outstanding finance on it, we will happily settle your finance on your behalf as part of the process when we buy any car with finance owing.

If your car needs a little paintwork or other repairs, you maybe asking yourself “How can I sell my car without getting it into perfect condition first?” or “Who is going to buy my car when it needs a service?” – then don’t worry, we are happy to buy any car at a price slightly adjusted to allow us to make any required repairs or do any outstanding servicing.

If you’re wondering ‘Where is the best place to quickly Value My Car then Sell My Car ’, you’ve found it!